Choosing a Marketing Consultant and What To Look For

Choosing a Marketing Consultant and What To Look For

You've heard of marketing managers, social media gurus, and SEO experts. So, what's the point of a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant is, essentially, all those titles wrapped up into one. If you're not sure where your business is heading, you need a consultant— and fast

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What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

Let's talk about what consultants do from day-to-day. As an example, here's what our typical day at BEAM looks like

  1. Prep for client calls by analyzing their existing marketing activities and their competitor’s activities.
  2. Take note of client’s website, advertising, and promotional campaigns.
  3. Hop on a client call to discuss challenges and goals – overall or by campaign.
  4. Work together to brainstorm ideas for marketing. Then, provide recommendations on where they can fill gaps in their industry.

Our marketing consult calls last two hours – thereby providing a quick and easy solution. Within a week, we always deliver a direct plan of action that'll get your company sales moving. 

When Should I Hire a Marketing Consultant? 

  • When sales are stagnant and you want growth but don’t know how
  • When your marketing is not delivering the results you need
  • When you can't outrank your competition in google
  • When you don’t have marketing expertise inhouse
  • When you have no clue which route to take next 

Do any of those sound like you? Good! That means your business is ready to level up. 

Hiring a consultant can help you with that, but make sure they can provide you with these 5 things:


#1: Expertise 

When interviewing your consultant, always ask how many years of experience they have. Best practice Marketing strategies are hard to keep up with in today's digital realm, and things can change almost daily

To get the best bang for your buck, work with someone who knows what has worked in the past and stands the test of time. 

For example, BEAM combines over 50 years of experience. We're well-versed in what marketing works today and which strategies need to stay in 2012. 

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#2: Industry Expertise

On top of longevity, your Melbourne marketing consultant should have experience working in various roles and marketing agencies. 

For example, you'll get curated advice on Instagram marketing from a social media manager. And an SEO expert can write you a blog that Google is proud to put on its front page. Both of those roles require niche skillsets— but that's usually where their expertise ends.

A consultant's marketing expertise however bleeds from one area to another. Ideally, your consultant has experience working in multiple marketing positions and across different industries. This enables them to use their combined skillsets to bring you the best, holistic strategy for your business.



#3: Quality Work

Be wary when working with recent grads or someone who fell into the role of a consultant. You want someone who can provide you with quality work because they've worked on a ton of projects. Always check their profile on LinkedIn to determine their experience and credibility. 

For reference, BEAM has worked on hundreds of brands, websites, and campaigns. With each new project, we get better at our craft. We’re better equipped to analyze what copy works, which social media graphics get the most engagement, and what processes lead to the greatest ROI


#4: Service and Support

If you're looking for a marketing consultant in Melbourne, chances are you want changes now. Not weeks from now after you paid someone to do research.

You need someone who already has the know-how. Someone who can give you a direct answer during your phone consult. Someone that can provide quick wins. That's why our calls only last two hours— we make sure we leave our clients with clear steps on what needs to happen next

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#5: Responsibility 

Your consultant should leave you with no questions by the end of your call. It's our responsibility to provide you with clear guidance on what is black hat marketing that will cost you money and what's actually going to work.

BEAM stands for Brand Evolution Accountable Marketing. Directors Craig Edwards and Natalie Potter genuinely care and want your business to grow. We're outcome-driven— and we want to add you to our wall of success stories!


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