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One of the most common issues we see with websites is that that they have NO SEO. 

"What the F@!k is SEO you might say!!!”

It's about being FOUND ONLINE via search engines and the actual term is 'Search Engine Optimisation'.


We've found that when businesses get a website done, there is usually little to NO SEO done to the website.  This means your business WON’T EVER BE FOUND ONLINE or via SEARCH ENGINES!

In other words, your website is TOTALLY INVISIBLE to your new prospects and customers.

(This practice, even at a basic level should absolutely be done by your developer but often isn’t.)


Think of this scenario — if your business was in pre-internet days.

It would be like your business is down a hidden laneway with no visible signage, down some stairs, through a dark tunnel, down a long corridor with no lights on. PEOPLE JUST WON’T BE ABLE FIND YOU. YOU ARE INVISIBLE.

Unless you want to be BATMAN, Customers need to easily and readily find you, if you want their business.

Also, you should NEVER produce websites based on the thinking of "Build it and they will come” (like Field of Dreams movie). It just doesn’t work that way.

Once a website is built, you need all sorts of avenues and tactics to ensure customers will find you and come to your website.


Below are 4 Tips:


1st - Make sure your site is submitted to Google and it’s reading your site.
Sign up free to the Google Search Console. Link:

2nd - Make sure that your site has a sitemap XML file created and submitted to Google
(you can submit it to the search engine console in Step 2. To create a sitemap go here:  This helps GOOGLE Read the site and its contents

3rd - Use SEO plugins for your website, such as YOAST SEO for Wordpress or RSSEO for Joomla.
There are plenty out there, check the reviews for the best ones.

4th - Engage a professional SEO agency to optimise your site and continually keep it optimised.
Doing proper SEO isn’t a one off deal - it’s a monthly operation to keep your site afloat in search engines, and to keep ahead of the competition.


Last thing: only optimise for the SEARCH TERMS you WANT TO BE found for.
Not just any terms.  


Use GOOGLE ADWORDS KEYWORD tool to find WHICH TERMS have the highest search volume. 1,000+ searches per month is a good place to start - the higher the better!


Read about some other SEO tactics of ours here:


BEAM is all about ACCOUNTABLE MARKETING - and making sure your marketing is effective - at all times.
Don't accept HOPE OR GUESS MARKETING - your business deserves more!


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