Why a Marketing Strategy is the Best Approach for Your Brand & Overall Business Growth

Why a Marketing Strategy is the Best Approach for Your Brand & Overall Business Growth

You’ve probably noticed that the digital world moves fast. So fast that viral trends on Tik Tok only last about a week. And besides social media, there’s SEO, websites, digital ads, remarketing, programmatic digital marketing and more. 

It can sound overwhelming! 

Having a marketing strategy means you don’t have to depend on those viral trends to sustain your business. At the same time, having a marketing roadmap can help you market consistently, and speak to your ideal client in all the right places – where they are online. 

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3 Ways a Marketing Strategy Builds Your Business

Is it really that hard to market a business? After all, you’re posting on social media every week, and the bills are getting paid right? 

Well think about the last time you decided not to make a purchase because the website was too slow to load or when a lack of reviews dissuades you from becoming a new customer. 

Each of these roadblocks slows down your company’s growth. A marketing strategy and a committed marketing team ensures these problems are always taken care of.

Building a successful business means the having a great marketing strategy to build from. 

Here’s how a marketing strategy paves the way to smooth sailing and business growth.

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#1: You’ll Know Who To Target

When you first start a business, you’re just shooting your first shot. You’ll take any paid opportunity. 

Also known as “scattergun marketing,” this method is for people who haven’t found their niche or voice within their industry. Instead of firing a bunch of shots hoping to hit your target audience, having a strategy helps you get a bullseye every time.

As an example, our marketing strategy starts with determining your end business goal. We outline who you should target based on your product or service, solutions you provide, price points etc. 

We’ll help you figure out:

How much money your target audience makes

  • Where they live
  • Their education level
  • What struggles they’re currently facing
  • Where they shop

Once we know what audience to target, it’s easier to narrow down which social media platforms to be on, what type of content to create, and what keywords and hashtags to utilize. 

#2: You’ll Be Consistent with a Marketing Strategy

Right now, you market your business when you have something to say or — more often than not— only when you have something to promote. 

This is called ad hoc marketing, and it’s generally ineffective.

Ad hoc marketing is reactive marketing. It’s jumping on a Tik Tok trend hoping a viral video will skyrocket your business. It’s throwing money on an ad for your new product or service without knowing how ads work. It’s creating Instagram graphics with different fonts and colors every week. 

This inconsistency in branding and posting confuses your customers and doesn’t do much for building customer loyalty. In fact, they probably forgot you existed because they haven’t heard from you in five months.

Successful companies integrate their strategy so that they know what to post all the time. You’ll have the tools to understand when, where, and how often to post based on competition analysis, market research, and your target audience. 


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#3: You Can Actually See Results (or lack thereof)

Let’s say you want to make another six figures in the next 12 months.

By knowing where you want to end up, you’ll have a better idea of how to get there. A marketing strategy is a roadmap that pinpoints specific “destinations” or results. 

For example, now you’ll be able to see if you’re hitting your target demographic through Google and social analytics. 

Then, you can set goals to rank your website on Google with specific keywords (this can take 2-6 months). 

Eventually, you’ll be able to tell which content generates the most engagement and sales. Once you see leads trickling in, you can steer in that direction to market your business in a way you know brings results. 

Not seeing results? No problem! Your marketing plan is a guidebook, not a rulebook. After three months, if one pathway doesn’t work, your marketing roadmap will make sure there are other routes to success. 

If you don’t have a plan that tells you who your audience is, what keywords to target, or what content to post to generate sales, you’re less likely to hit your goals. 

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What Are Some Marketing Strategy Examples?

A reliable marketing strategy builds brand awareness while giving you tangible results. You won’t see the same ROI if you just have a social media schedule. 

Here’s an example of a 6-step marketing plan you can use

It boils down to this: No strategy = NO results!

Take a look at our case study from working with Comdain Homes. They have over 30 years in their industry and still had issues obtaining quality leads. 

So we built them a marketing strategy. We made sure they had:

  • A solid brand identity
  • Business goals
  • Competition analysis
  • PR opportunities 
  • Fast website
  • Social media plan
  • A system to nurture leads 

This deep dive and custom marketing plan led to over 40% increase in sales. 

If you’re feeling lost in your business, it’s time for a new pair of eyes to give you some direction.

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