Our local, tight and passionate team has all your marketing & design needs covered. 

We take brands throughout their entire journey from concept to launch and beyond.

BEAM Spotlight Brand & Marketing Clarity Workshops

BEAM Spotlight – Brand & Marketing Clarity Workshops

BEAM Spotlight is designed to put your brand under a microscope. We’ll expertly review your brand, your position in the market and provide recommendations for future opportunities. Spotlight gives great insights not only into your brand, but also your competition, your customers and sales opportunities.
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Dedicated Markrting Team

BEAM Dedicated Marketing Team

When you’re busy working in your business, it’s difficult to find the time to work on your business – we get it! BEAM’s Marketing packages aim to completely resource or complement your business’ needs. 
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BEAM Market & Consumer Research

BEAM Market & Consumer Research

BEAM Research delves into your customer’s psyche - giving you valuable insight into their world, their likes and dislikes, their mindset and purchase behaviour. BEAM gathers vital feedback on your brand and your products & services. Hear it directly from the horse’s mouth and gain constructive intelligence that will help you improve your brand positioning and future communications. 
BEAM Marketing Roadmap

BEAM Marketing Road Map

BEAM's Marketing Road Map sessions tackle your current challenges - your business goals, its marketing performance, and your brand's strength to help businesses develop a strategic Road Map - for ongoing brand strength and marketing performance.
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Market Analysis
Competitive Research
Market Positioning
Digital Audits
Brand Audits
Consumer Research/Profiling
Focus Groups
Marketing Road Maps/Plans


Key message development
Social Media


Content marketing
Blogs / Pre-releases
Lead Generation
Digital marketing
Social Media
Media Brokering
Performance measurement
Reviews & ongoing strategy

BEAM Brand Checklist

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