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How to Generate Leads Online for Ongoing Success

Attracting a consistently fresh stream of leads is crucial to ensuring your business’ ongoing growth and success. So, how can you start to generate leads on a continuous basis? Continuous business growth can be difficult to achieve. Yet a little effort up front with effective lead-generation systems and accurate reporting measures in place can ensure your business starts to generate a steady stream of leads to support your sales team.


Tips on How to Generate Leads Online

Understanding your audience or potential audience is the first step in identifying who you will target for lead generation. Just ensure you tailor your message accordingly, to best appeal to different audience groups.

Setting up your website effectively for lead generation can turn into the gift that keeps on giving! Once you have an effective lead generation process set up, you can leave it to work its magic and watch it continue to generate leads for you.

These simple lead generation tips will help fill your sales funnel and also nurture leads into customers.


1. Include a CTA on your homepage

A popular tip that will teach you how to generate leads online is adding a CTA on your homepage or even a pop-up form. While you don’t want the pop up to turn customers off, you do want to try to capture as many leads as possible, so the pop up needs to contain an enticing offer.

That offer could be content such as an e-book, a helpful template or even a discount for signing up, which is a popular tactic for e-commerce businesses.


2. Add data capture forms on popular pages

Data capture forms are a powerful tool designed to entice your web visitors to fill out their details, in return for something of value. They can help you turn web visitors into a lead that you can then follow-up in future.

Ideas for lead magnets could include giveaways such as discount vouchers, case studies, company brochures, prizes, videos, or other helpful content.

The best data capture forms are easy to fill out and have a low barrier to entry, meaning that the user only needs to fill out a few simple details. Think about the information needed to help your sales process or intelligence required to learn more about your customers.


3. Develop blogs with CTAs

Blogs aren’t just useful in strengthening your site’s SEO value. They can also work to generate leads or even conversions when developed correctly.

While your content must always be useful and compelling, if you also include natural CTAs that can be integrated seamlessly into your content, you can also generate leads and conversions from your blogs.
Add CTAs throughout or at the end of your content.
Your CTA should be related to that content; a link to relevant products or services, links to other similar content, or a data capture form or newsletter sign up.


4. Develop a chatbot for your website

In today’s world, expectations of online customer service have evolved to the point where brand responses need to be practically instantaneous.

A chatbot can work wonders in narrowing the gaps between you and any web visitors. It can work to gently nudge users down your funnel, transforming them into qualified leads. A chatbot also lends a human face to your website and gives the impression your brand is readily available and has a high level of customer service.

LiveChat is now the digital helpdesk leader. A customer service platform that helps you connect with customers, LiveChat is an affordable digital product that is easy to install on your website and provides an easy way for consumers to get in touch. You can even automate part (or all) of your conversations for frequently-asked-questions.

We work with businesses to optimise leads and sales. Our strategies often include website tactics for success and development of digital marketing strategies for awareness, traffic, lead capture and prospect nurturing.

To find out how to generate leads for your business and attract a continuous stream of customers, contact us today.

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