Why cookie-cutter and isolated Marketing practices don’t work

Why cookie-cutter and isolated Marketing practices don’t work

As intelligent as digital marketing has enabled businesses and marketing to be, it’s bewildering that there’s still lots of cookie-cutter marketing approaches that achieve very little or nothing at all for business owners. Often when asking business owners how effective their marketing efforts have been, they don’t know how it went and whether it worked - if at all!
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The cookie-cutter approach (using same tactics on all clients) or singular focussed execution such as only SEO, social media, digital ads often fail to deliver needed outcomes as they aren’t integrated as a whole marketing to sales system. Sure, they might improve those individual deliverables for example, website traffic by a little, but more often than not, they don't improve the business’s overall results or business’s bottom line.

They instead often force the business owner/Marketing Manager to try to fill in the blanks of what’s actually working and what’s not or give way to a “she said/he said” between suppliers on overall accountability of results. 

There are 3 main reasons why isolated marketing and cookie-cutter marketing solutions don't work

BEAM 3 reason why isolated marketing dont work

Reason 1.

It often focuses on one small area of marketing, without consideration of the big picture including the end goals ie. where you want to take the business.

Reason 2.

The service provider (isolated services of SEO, PPC, social media etc.) or consultant doesn’t really know your business or the business landscape, so it's like driving blindly.

Reason 3.

Every business and brand is unique (even within the same industry), every market and competitor set is different and therefore every business’s needs will differ.

Essentially, the Cookie Cutter approach just doesn’t work.

What’s a better marketing alternative?

Well it starts with well researched marketing and branding STRATEGY!

If your agency or marketing provider doesn’t provide insightful strategy behind their recommendations, then you’ll be getting ‘stab in the dark’ marketing or a cookie cutter approach. Neither is likely to meet your business and/or your brand’s needs.

A sound strategy can help your business, your marketing and brands by:

  • Aligning your business goals with your marketing plan and campaigns
  • Defining your brand’s point of difference - helping your brand ‘stand out’
  • Having a clear plan of marketing activities to achieve your business’s needs
  • Understanding your customers problems, needs and aspirations to create marketing messages that will appeal to them and achieve better cut-through 
  • Determining effective media to deliver your message to prospective customers
  • Setting clear goals or milestones to measure your marketing’s effectiveness and ROI
  • Having your team aligned with business goals and marketing campaigns 
  • Determining tactics to outperform your competition
  • Getting greater visibility for your brand
  • Achieving more sales and leads for your sales team
  • Developing better Marketing to Sales pathways
  • And more…

Strategy at the core....

Strategy is the beginning of all marketing, brand development and campaign execution at BEAM.

Thorough plans & tactics aim to achieve business goals, out-perform competitors (for market share) and generate a return-on-investment (ROI) with increased brand awareness strategy and sales.
With goals in mind, results are constantly measured to assess performance & outcomes.

At BEAM, we commence with our highly regarded strategic workshops, that factor in business, brand and marketing goals to then develop Marketing plans and brand strategies that work. 

This is fundamental for any business that wants a ROI on their marketing effort and investment.
Importantly, each workshop and marketing plans are tailor-made for each business and brand.

BEAM’s strategic workshops have been the catalyst for many successful businesses and their brands and marketing including; 

Comdain Homes
Leaptel internet
Abacus Signage
Horner Recruitment 
Source Agility
Aztec Plumbing

And many more, we’d love to share with you over a coffee or zoom.

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