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Why Automation is a must have for businesses of any size

Businesses that use automation have seen increased leads and sales, driving a 14%1 in sales productivity and 12% reduction in marketing overheads.

For marketing professionals and business owners automation offers an exciting opportunity for greater efficiency, cost reduction, and an enhanced customer experience.

While it might seem somewhat complicated, once set up, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. No wonder more companies are starting to incorporate automation platforms.

In this blog, we discuss the main benefits and key steps for its set up.


Benefits of Automation; 


1. Great Data 

Automation builds marketing data and intelligence that paves the way for better strategic decisions. Lead gen data capture by segmentation, interest by blog topic, product brochure downloads each day, opening rates of emails and electronic newsletters, warranty card completion and so much more. Automation helps essential tasks for a business stay on track. It also creates and tracks content and the customer journey across all platforms throughout your website, social, e-comms and more.

2. Service

At any time – day or night – automation can be ‘of service’ on your website, and present and serve an array of content, topic material, services, downloads, videos and more. It removes barriers to purchase by potentially matching the prospects needs at their convenient time - to foster better sales and conversion rates.

3. Content Fuel

Automation coupled with great content creates a cohesive, effective lead generation machine.
For example; 

  • Social media and automation helps to drive sales and nature relationships and give information on customers and their engagement.
  • Email marketing delivers the content and automation ensures that the message is customised and relevant.
  • Websites - marketing automation uses the customer journey experience on your website to convert anonymous visitors, create strategic pages and connect with visitors. 
  • Search Engines: It can create fuel for search engines to crawl and users to find. The more content, the greater chances of being found and leading to better prospects

4. Efficiencies for Marketing and Customer Service

Automation can deliver increased efficiency and effectiveness within marketing and help to integrate sales with other departments such as customer service. For Sales it can successfully implement new ways to track and manage accounts in the sales funnel. Other benefits such as personalisation, dynamic content, data collection and campaign automation are some of the greatest enhancements for marketing. 


Key steps of Automation:


1. Identify The Right Tasks: 

Look for your teams' most repetitive marketing tasks. For example, automating response emails can substantially reduce customer service and sales follow-ups. Identify all of your tasks which are both time-consuming and compatible with automation.

2. Choose the Automation Software: 

There are may choices when it comes to automation software. Definitely check before you commit long-term. Most platforms offer a free trial, which gives you a chance to test the software in your unique setting, and evaluate which is the best fit. Low level automation is available in most of the software for free. 

3. Train Your Team: 

Although automation makes marketing more efficient and effective, the introduction of automation requires an investment in both software and training for marketing staff. It’s important for team members to understand how automation fits into their working day. Often your marketing agency can assist too.

4. Evaluate Automation Effectiveness: 

Making Marketing Accountable. Like all good marketing practices, BEAM recommends regular reviews to gain learnings ie. what’s working well, what could be improved as well as the automation’s key metrics. This allows you to make appropriate adjustments for continuous improvements. 


Marketing automation is predicted to become one of the most important marketing tools available. For more information or advice – book a time with Craig to discuss marketing automation and accountable marketing. 

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