Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Website Design & Build + Lead Capture

Project Overview

Niall McShane & Associates is a successful agile coaching business that had a vision to disrupt the industry. To fulfil the vision, BEAM worked with Niall and his team to develop a marketing plan and brand strategy that would relaunch the business (new name, brand and offers) and a marketing program that would drive awareness and foster leads to help achieve their business goals.

New Brand

BEAM helped Niall and his team brainstorm business names that would encapsulate the business's vision. The name 'Source' was agreed on - its origins based on 'the source of knowledge' - coupled with Agility to help define its service. 

Next the BEAM team developed the new Source logo that matched the agreed personality traits of the business, while ensuring impact and positive differentiation from competitors in the market. 

BEAM Source Agility Logo
BEAM Source Agility Logo
BEAM Website Assets Source Agility
BEAM Source Agility Website Assets Desktopsite

Key Deliverables

  1. Strategic Workshops
  2. Competitor Assessment and Learnings
  3. Roadmap Marketing Plan
  4. Brand Logo Design
  5. Brand Style Guide
  6. Stationery Design
  7. Website Design and Build with lead capture plus copy editing
  8. White Paper Branded Resource Download
  9. Lead Capture facilities with CRM
  10. Social media designed templates
  11. Branded E-news template
  12. Marketing Automation for lead nurturing

Key Outcomes

Since launch in December 2021, Source Agility has gone from strength to strength.

Source Agility is now not only revered for corporate agile coaching but also known for two new services including talent sourcing (Source Talent) and training and certification of a new breed of next level ICAgile accredited coaches (Source Incubator). 

BEAM Source Agility Style Guide
BEAM Website Assets Source Agility
BEAM Source Agility Linkedin Collage

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