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Project Overview

Comdain Homes (a part of the Comdain Group) is a custom, luxury home builder servicing Melbourne. Comdain has built an enviable reputation over 30 years, as one of Melbourne’s best builders. Their homes are designed and built to satisfy the individual needs and wants for every customer’s dream home. They build homes of distinction, with detailed craftmanship and unparalleled building principles that ensure their homes last for generations.

Comdain Homes sought assistance with their Sales and Marketing programs. A specific key driver was the need to address a concerning disparity between their website traffic and their lead generation results.

Other equally important objectives include:

  • The need to increase ‘quality’ leads to the website and improve sales conversion ratios to lift sales performance.
  • The need to develop a unique brand positioning for Comdain Homes that would positively differentiate their brand in their market (luxury, custom-built home builders).
BEAM Creative Comdain Homes

Project Deliverables

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • Strategy Workshops and Marketing Plan
  • Brand Identity Refinement
  • Key Message Development & Copy for website sliders & campaigns
  • 2 New websites for Comdain as well as display homes Belle Vue and Akasha
  • x3 videos (corporate and x2 display homes)
  • Print marketing
  • Print Media
  • Social media campaigns
  • Programmatic digital marketing campaigns
  • Content Marketing & E-Communications
  • Audience definition and key messages developed for each
  • Lead Capture mechanisms added to all 3 sites
  • CRM training and lead capture follow up systems
  • Lead to Sales reporting
  • Monthly stats and updates reporting

3 new websites

Key Message Development


Quality workmanship is the cornerstone of Comdain Homes.  Comdain has cemented their vision: to design and build luxury homes with a dedication to their craftmanship. Their mission is to design and build customised homes that fulfil their customer’s every need and desire, while surpassing service expectations.

New key messages were delivered to convey Comdain’s mission and to resonate with identified customer profiles.

Some key messages included;

  • Crafted Luxury that You Deserve
  • Custom Crafted Luxury
  • Designed Uniquely. Defined by Luxury.
  • Building Custom Luxury Homes for Generations
  • Custom Crafted to be Uniquely Yours.

Research & Strategy

BEAM undertook several strategic measures to gain an understanding of the challenges and then provided solutions to address the gap - while providing longer-term plans to achieve sales targets.

These included:

  1. A Website Analysis via BEAM’S Digital Audit - which revealed several problems with web pages as well as opportunities to improve the user experience and overall website performance.
  2. A Customer Survey with existing clients - which provided insights into the Comdain brand and buyer’s journey. This helped to develop a customer segmentation strategy and key message development.
  3. Competitor Analysis was performed to provide Market Positioning and differentiation strategies for a revised and enhanced brand strategy.
  4. Strategy Workshops with the Comdain team - confirmed sales and marketing goals and disclosed current challenges.  As a team, we assessed the brand, target audience(s) and marketing opportunities. BEAM then developed a Strategic Road Map (Marketing Plan) for the next year.
BEAM Creative Comdain Project Style
BEAM Creative Comdain Homes screen shot



With the Marketing Strategy set, next we delved into defining and developing personas for each audience type and created key messages (based on their individual wants, needs, desires, aspirations) to ensure all communications and campaigns resonated positively with Comdain Homes specific customers.

Campaigns then evolved and were activated digitally across several mediums to gain awareness and drive targeted, quality leads to Comdain’s three websites – all equipped with lead capture mechanisms and lead nurturing systems.



Market Positioning tactics enabled BEAM to carve a unique, new positioning for Comdain Home’s brand differentiation. While the Comdain logo was an untouchable – BEAM refined the overall brand look to increase its appeal amongst discerning, affluent Melbournians.
The brand look was developed to portray a high level of sophistication in both design style with elegant fonts.  Attractive building material images such as stone, slate, marble, and granite were used to help bring the brand to life.

Digital Marketing

After developing the strategic path and defining the audiences for Comdain. We had developed a 6-month content marketing plan that covered social media through to Programmatic Digitial Advertising.

Their social media was re-aligned to the new strategy and updated brand style and guidelines.

We made sure that their brand visuals and language was carried through in their social media and through to the targeted Programmatic ads.

BEAM Creative Comdain Homes Programmatic
BEAM Creative Comdain Homes Project Screenshorts
BEAM Creative Comdain Homes Design

Marketing Plan

With goals set, a Road Map Plan & tailored Marketing Mix was developed and rolled out over the next year. This enabled the team at BEAM & COMDAIN to effectively work together to achieve a series of launches and campaigns – on-time and on-budget.

Marketing Mix includes: 

  • SEO

Audience Segmentation


BEAM developed 3 customer Avatars or Buyer Personas, to understand the buying behavior, preferred marketing language, and best channels to reach them.



BEAM installed a new CRM system* onto Comdain websites; which showed immediate benefits – better engagement, lead results and marketing intelligence. These leads and prospect intelligence assist both the sales process & sales team with weekly data.

Targeted creative campaigns were developed – by customer segmentation - so that both creative and key messages attracted and resonated with each customer segment.

Programmatic digital advertising delivered exceptional reach and generated quality leads for the Comdain sales team.

Outcomes & Results

In less than a year, sales results have surpassed Comdain’s expectations (particularly during Covid-19) and conversation ratios have improved by 45%!

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